Here’s How The Mangosteen Lactic Collection Will Revive Your Dull Skin

It takes just one glance in the mirror to reveal the problem with post-winter skin: it’s tired, lifeless and downright dull. That’s why we’re unveiling our brand new Eminence Organics Mangosteen Lactic Collection with our proprietary Lactic Acid Complex this spring to resurface dull skin, shrink pores and reveal your inner radiance. Featuring the “super fruit” mangosteen, this collection works gently to even out your skin tone and smooth your complexion so you can get glowing again.


Designed with all skin types in mind, the Mangosteen Lactic Collection could be your key to radiant skin. Formulated to address the root causes of dullness and tired, uneven-looking skin, the collection unveils a fresh, luminous complexion. Study results reveal that 84% agree that pore size is reduced and skin texture is refined. A remarkable 90% agree that their skin appears more radiant.

If you’re ready to uncover the secret behind picture-perfect skin with Eminence Organic Skin Care, explore the new Mangosteen Lactic Collection and our three new skin care superstars:

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser
This milky gel cleanser lathers lightly to gently resurface the skin and deep clean pores. Although it removes buildup, this cleanser never over-strips the skin and instead leaves the complexion feeling soft and smooth.

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate
The ultimate lightweight concentrate, this product continuously resurfaces and shrinks pores to deliver a silky smooth, high definition finish. Refine and replenish your skin for a flawless, luminous glow.

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Lactic Pro Peel 10%
This professional-only peel removes impurities and tightens pores without any irritation or need for downtime. Book a visit to an authorized Eminence spa to experience this concentrated peel and revitalize dull, tired-looking skin.

Which product from our exciting new Mangosteen Lactic Collection do you want to try?